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Fuck it / Feck it Double Sided Block


This Feck It/Fuck It two sided bar pendant is made with 100% raw brass on a 16k gold plated chain.

One side when you really don’t give a damn (Fuck)

And the other side for when you visit your nan (Feck)

*Please note this is brass and will darken over time, this is perfectly normal! It just needs a little polish now and again to brighten* 

Each piece is lovingly hand-stamped in Ireland and beautifully packaged with a wax sealed gift box.

Care Tips for Brass

This beauty is raw brass. 

So she'll needs a polish now and again or she may darken over time. 

 To keep her shiny and new looking, go to this video to learn how to clean her up - Here. 

 But dont worry, she is not plated so she has nothing to lose (plated jewellery will lose its plating over time and can not be restored)  

Keep shining now and agian and she'll be good as new every time!